Tuesday, February 6, 2018



Jesus, I decree that I am your (degree who you are - apostle prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor, Minister, proclaimer of the gospel)!

I am your dreamer that provokes others to dream again, a birther of manifestation in the earth!

I am your chain breaker, your deliverer, your stealth bomber, your weapon of mass destruction!

I am manifold grace and glory, Chayzil armory overflowing with kingdom keys, be though made whole, and Euodoo prosperity!

I am soar prophetic, praise party, a leader to leaders, mentor to mentees!

I am your revivalist, your strategist, your solution to the body of Christ and to the world.

I am your scout, your gatekeeper, your watchdog, your watchman that lives and rules in spiritual realms, while governing my God ordained regions and spheres of influence!

I am your dismantler and displacer of demonic strongholds, territorial spirits, and principalities!

I am your judge of witches, warlocks, demonic powers, idolatry, wickedness on earth and in high places!

I am your pioneer, your trailblazer, your business owner, your marketplace infiltrator!

I am your vision carrier, your glory carrier,  your praiser, your worshipper, your servant!

I am your friend, your pen, your scribe, your author, your word made manifest in the earth!

I am fusion - fused with heavenly council and authority to reign internationally in the earth.  I am your hybrid believer, your disruptor causing disruptions and an overthrowing of demonic systems and kingdoms!

I am your kingdom shifter - A SHIFTER - mandated to raise up other kingdom shifters for your glory.  I do not apologize that my very identity SHIFTS people, situations, lands, atmospheres, climates, and regions.  

For through you Jesus, I have permission to be me.  I am one of many faces, mantles, and giftings, yet I walk in my true God given identity.  There is no one else I would rather be. I am who you ordained me to be. 

I decree I am eternally surrounded and consumed inside the glory and consuming fire of the Lord.

I decree I eternally operate in the revival streams of dominion and authority.  I am eternally seated inside of Christ in the third heavens and only go higher and deeper in the realms of your apostolic authority, revival fire, and dominion glory.  I saturate and cultivate myself in your authority and dominion and decree it is the consumption of my destiny and calling.

I honor God with my whole life - with my whole heart, my whole mind, my whole soul.  Nothing but honor will you receive from me.

I decree the eternal favor and blessings of heaven is the truth, will, purpose, glory and honor around me and all that concerns me.  

Because of the operations of the kingdom of heaven in my life, I am honored by God and man!  I cannot be denied for the kingdom of God works in my life, for my life, through my life, is the atmosphere and governmental rule of me and everything which concerns me.

I decree the DUNAMIS and EXOUSIA power and authority of the Lord is eternally upon me to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, cleanse the leopards, and to freely give as I have received. 

I decree the EXOUSIA power of God gives me the ability, capability, privilege, authority, right, and enablement to successfully advance in my life’s vision and destiny.

I decree I sow myself - my life is a seed.  I sow in financial giving and through all God desires me to release.  I want for nothing because God is my provider; my seeds also produce overflowing harvest that takes care of all that concerns me and what God has granted unto me.  

I decree an unwavering spirit of belief, faith and kingdom authority is mantled upon me to produce immediate, sustaining, limitless miracles, signs, wonders, deliverance, healing, cures, and breakthrough, as I am a tangible witness that God is the only savior and reigning king. 

I decree a DEMONSTRATIVE warfare Mantle is upon me where I have:
  • Power over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means harms me
  • Tower in victory and dominion over every principality, power, ruler of darkness, territorial spirit, ruler in high places, witches, warlocks, curses, ungodly plots, plans, assignments, and challenging situations
  • Cast out every strongman and devil and dismantle and annihilate to utter destruction every demonic kingdom, webbing, trap, troop, force field, barrier, and fortress I encounter
  • Heal every manner of sickness, affliction, transgression, disease, and distress
  • SHIFT every person, atmosphere, region that I encounter into the glory, judgment, grace, salvation, likeness, kingdom, and will of God
1Corinthians 12 Power Gifts
I decree supernatural DUNAMIS and EXOUSIA power of the Holy Spirit operates immeasurably in me through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I decree the
  1. Word of Wisdom
  2. Word of Knowledge
  3. Supernatural Gift of Faith
  4. Gifts of Extraordinary Healing
  5. Working of Miracles
  6. Gift of Prophecy
  7. Discerning of Spirits
  8. Divers (or different) kinds of Tongues
  9. Interpretation of (different) Tongues
  10. Spirit of Empowerment, Proclamation & Exortation
  11. Gifts of Helps & Hospitality
Operates in me with limitless evidence and unlimited measure in the name of Jesus.

I Decree The Seven Fold Spirit of God From Isaiah 11:2 Is Upon Me!

Spirit of the Lord
is the supernatural power source that creates God's thoughts in my hearts and produce God's will and plan in my life.

Spirit of Wisdom
is all of God's supernatural thoughts themselves, mantling and becoming me - operating in me and through me. 

Spirit of Understanding
is God's personal illumination, enlightenment and revelation of those thoughts operating through me.

Spirit of Counsel
is God's personal instructions and guidance for Godly choices released in and through me.

Spirit of Strength & Supernatural Power
is God's supernatural ability to perform his thoughts, will and plan in my life, ministry, life endeavors, and destiny.

Spirit of Knowledge
is seeing God's intellect and truth manifested in my life actions, abilities, situations, and endeavors.

Fear of the Lord
is me towering in God's love, reverence and truth, fleeing anything that would quench His Spirit in and through me.  I am unquenchable through the fear of the Lord.  And greater works than Jesus I do, as I do only what I see and hear my father in heaven do, and leads me to do through my friend the Holy Spirit.

Daily, I live grounded from the kingdom of heaven and from a kingdom mindset and stance in the name of Jesus.  Daily I live inside the disruptive shift realm and momentum of God.  I am not afraid to DISRUPT AND SHIFT and journey through the impetus timing and purpose of God.  For we are in covenant and this is my inherited portion as a son/daughter, and heir to the kingdom of heaven. 

So Jesus!  I tower in your revealed grace, glory, love, and power from now and forevermore!  It is so in your matchless name! AMEN!  SHIFT!

Authored By: Taquetta Baker
All rights reserved to Kingdom Shifters Ministries


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